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Actuant Corporation is a diversified industrial company serving customers in more than 30 countries. Actuant businesses provide hydraulic tools and systems, position and motion control systems, and various specialized products and services. The company was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.


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Former Employee - Product Engineer says

"-lack of leadership, mentorship, and accountability -lack of opportunity and progression - understaffed -poor compensation -hostile to any and all change or improvement"

Former Employee - Worker Bee says

"Bonus structure changes every year."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"The entire company is very complacent. They think because they have been doing the same processes for 20+ years, they cannot improve. This was a management down to production issue. Many departments had high turnover. In 5 years 35 nonproduction people had left the company. The company only had 35 nonproduction related titles. They had some great production employees but they left due to the treatment by management and the union."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"This is the worst place I’ve worked in terms of how employees are treated, and people don’t last long due to this. Specific examples: A long tenured, smart guy was demoted so they could bring in a guy who averages a job every 18 months to fill his role. Another very smart guy and longtime employee was told he was “not a self starter” in his review so he quit. Another person, who lived around Milwaukee and worked at that office, was transferred to Columbus 1.5 hrs away on no notice and given no relocation package, so he quit too. A senior level employee got told he made too much money and they were going to cut his pay each month for a year, so another one gone! When I left, they cheated me out of 10 months of my 401k match because they only paid out once a year in a lump sum. A few 20-30 year people are still there, hanging on until retirement, and the rest are all new. Nobody in the middle range because they all quit. If you interview here, ask if you can go around the office and ask tenures…they won’t like it! Before I left there were multiple declined offers. Before he left, one member of the management told me Actuant wide they had over 50% office turnover in 5 years! Revolving incompetent management. In 5 years there were 3 CEOs, 4 plant managers., and I had 5 bosses. Current CEO was fired from another company, is very gruff in manner and can be foul mouthed and inappropriate. He wouldn’t let a guy step out of a meeting to take a call from his wife when her dad died, even after he stated why he needed to take the call. He left too and took all of the decent managers with him. No career advancement or promotion from within. All managers are outside hires, and get $1500/mo leased cars while they tighten expenses on everyone else."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terrible low morale department. Management very confrontational. HR does not back their employees. Very hostile extremely stressful place to work. Never enough people in a department at any given time."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This executive team promotes a “do as I say, not as I do” approach to leading. Senior Leaders walk on eggshells in constant fear of being called “an idiot, moron or stupid” by a member of the Executive team. Top level talent are scrambling to exit, 4 director/VP’s resigned last week."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Every single decision is made by the finance people. If they don't see a return on their investment they will not do it. This includes investing in training and career development. No one in HR would ever listen to anyone outside of HR. Every time I would try and schedule a meeting with them they would either not show up or just straight decline my request with no response. They treat their employees as a number instead of a person. During my time here my self confidence was shot and ruined."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Way too many internal politics. When people exit the company, you should listen to the feedback and do something about the concerns instead of gossiping about the feedback. Also, there is zero work-life balance and you are expected to work when you are on vacation."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"WORST company I ever worked for. Culture is horrible. Bullying from the top down and it's tolerated. If they can take your bonus away - they will."


"Definitely overworked, and not appreciated. Too many managerial changes and not enough hands on workers to get the job done."

Former CSR (Former Employee) says

"Some supervisor are nice and some supervisor treated you like you are stupid. They rather hire outside the company and paying hire salary rather than promoting within the company. While I work there, I don't see any promotion. You can work your butt off and treat you like slaves. Not a nice place to work.Meet new friendsManagement sucks"

Management (Former Employee) says

"High turnover, lack of leadership where it counts and the HR department is a joke. If you are out of a job then take it, if not stay where you are!!!! Wish someone would have warned me.Might last 6 months if you're luckyWow, to many list."

Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I ever had. Actuant does not understand its product or markets. Continually fires its staff when quarterly number are not met. It products at not innovative nor best in class.suburban locationbusiness leadership"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Actuant relies on hiring recent college graduates and constant turnover of mid level managers to keep salaries far below market rates. Actuant does not promote from within for senior positions. Instead they hire executives from major brands who are at the end of their careers and ready to coast for a few more years.Lack of long range can gain experience at actuant and move does not care about employees work/life balance. they expect and reward "face time.""

Documentation Professional (Former Employee) says

"Rigid Culture. Managers have little compassion for employees. Office politics and departmental drama runs rampant.comfortable work surroundings.poor insurance coverage, long hours, evolved into rigid work place"

Manger (Current Employee) says

"Inexperienced management which leads to unacceptable behaviors that must be tolerated. Worst company I have ever worked for. Monkeys run the show. Upper management will listen to the lies and manipulation of the hourly staff who manipulate to get their way. Terrible company to work for.Decent salaryMonkeys are allowed to run the circus"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This company had more managers and wanna-be managers than production was a paycheckno future here"

technical sales representative (Current Employee) says

"Not a very good culture and nobody really cares about anyone else on the team. Company is on a down trend while the rest of the industry is flourishing."

Credit Analyst Billing Processor (Current Employee) says

"The company itself is a great company to work for. The job duties of the billing processor is a very enjoyable job.Free Luncheshealth ins is very high"

Engineering (Former Employee) says

"Company was located in Beaver Dam, Wis. and moved to Indiana in 2001. After moving my house hold to IN in 2008 I was laid off.good workoffice politics is crippling."

Global Controller (Former Employee) says

"The Revenue of the Company was decreasing over the last several years. Relocation of Manufacturing production from Lancaster, PA to Juarez, Mexico did not bring expected results. Manufacturing at Maximatecc was completely shutdown, most of back office positions were moved to Headquarter in WI. Frequent change in Executive Management and high turnover of employees in a last 5 years.maximatecc had many very knowledgebale and loyal dedicated employeesConstant change of management and directions; no appreciation"

Credit Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Good company to work at. Friendly environment. An opportunity to learn something different. The most enjoyable part of the job was the team and the ability to learn from one another."

Upper Management (Former Employee) says

"Actuant offers competitive salary for professional positions, but falls short in management and communication. High turn around of managers and employees. Mass layoffs of long term employees.Competitive Salary, BonusesManagement, Poor communication, No value for employees"

Directeur (Former Employee) says

"Veel geleerd over acquisities integreren Fantastische producten ontwikkeld binnen heavy ;lifting Enerpac is moeilijk bedrijf, corporate cultuur heel sterk gedreven vanuit USA, veel management gewisseld in USA Financieel kwartaal gedreven past niet bij Heavy Lifting projectenGoede arbeidsvoorwaardencorporate cultuur USA"

STAFF ACCOUNTANT (Former Employee) says

"Overall, I was not here for more than a month. What I did learn was that the job was totally different than expected. This in turn was the reason for the my short tenure at Actuant."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Fast paced and energetic. I enjoyed my time there and would go back if there was a future opportunity. I feel it was a nice size company to work for where you don't get lost in the paperwork or just focused in one department. I was able to communicate well within all areas."

Senior Pricing Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Every day was something different. I got the opportunity to work with people all over the United States."

Legal Counsel (Former Employee) says

"Reviewing legal documents and executing contracts daily. Writing new company policies and procedures for HR and Sales/Marketing division. Great interaction with executive management and staffn/a"

Marketing Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day kept the marketing team busy and on their toes. There was a recent management change and the new leaders were hands-on."

Hired through temp (Former Employee) says

"Constent movement very fast paste assembly line work, final inspection, quality control, cycle counts, inventory of warehouse, order picking and training of new employees401k, company pic nics, incentivesto many lay offs"